Disease Control Management In Cucurbit Crops

Disease Control Management In Cucurbit Crops
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Watermelon, muskmelon and cucumber are very sensitive crops for disease.  Powdery mildew,  leaf  blight , wilt are typical diseases  in this crops.  Also insects  attack of  Leaf miner, Thrips, Fruit fly  are common. It is very essential  to control this in time. Before usage of  chemical pesticides it is essential  to  measure the impact of  insect attack.

Various Disease :

Wilt :

This is one type of fungus.  We can see this  Disease  in Watermelon approximately after 21 to 25 days of sowing.  The affected wine gets dry.  which resultant destroy the whole crop.

Leaf  Blight:

This is also one form of fungus.  In the beginning small yellow spots can be seen at the upper side of leafs.  On lower part of leafs sticky, wet and slightly green spots can be noticed.  Resultant the leafs gets dry and whole crop appears like a burnt.

Powdery Mild view:

This form of fungus is also harmful like Leaf Blight. White spots can be noticed  at both surfaces of leaves and on the stems as well.

Various Insects :

Thrips :

It is very tough to control this disease.  Adult female lays eggs on leaves.  Off spring of insects as well as adult lays sucks nutrient from stem and fruits in their attack.

White fly :

Adult female lays eggs at lower part of leaves.  They sucks nutrient which results to flower drop .  This insect flux a sticky liquid, which leads to fungal growth.

Fruit fly :

It is very harmful insect for Muskmelon as well as Watermelon.  Female lays eggs inside skin of fruit. Insect  eats fruit pulp & damages the fruit.

Integrated pest and disease management :

Wilt : Copper Oxicloride ( 50% EC), 2.5 grams or Metalaxlil + Mankozeb ( complex fungicide) 1 grams. per liter.

Leaf Blight :  Metalaxil + Menkozeb (complex fungicide) 2 grams or Zyneb ( 72 % WP) 4 gram.

Powdery Mild view : Propineb (70% WP) 1. 5 gram or pebkonazol (10 % EC) 1 m.l.

Other remedies :

Destroy residues from past cropped area and change cropping pattern.

Keep crop area weed free.

Use disease resistance crop variety.

Avoid sowing of same crop in same area for next  five years if that crop has affected with wilt.

Monitor the damage of crop and marks, understand the disease or insect, discuss with experts and then do planning for controlling the problem.



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