Farm Pond – One Step Towards Progress

Farm Pond – One Step Towards Progress
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buttons mar-minFarm ponds are very effective for conservation of water. It’s a simple technique where excess water or rain water can be channelize. In India farming is depends a lot on rain but monsoon is very unpredictable.  Due to insufficient rain the crops gets affected. Farm ponds can play vital role in this case, as it can be used as a regular water source  for the  crops.

Farm ponds are beneficial to increase water level of land. Farm pond water are mainly use for irrigation, it can also play an important role for Rabbi crops. Even fish farming is possible which can be part of agri allied business, it can be use for house and cattle’s also.

How to built farm pond :

Select a appropriate land in farm. Dig it from four side. The depth of farm pond has to be from 1 to 1.5 meter. Do the lining of plastic paper from all sides. The plastic paper has to of 100 micron and of 400 to 1000 gaze. The corner wall of farm pond needs to have 45 degree angle, so it can avoid soil from falling in pond. It also helps in collection rain water fast. It is important to have flush system for excess water while building farm pond.

Type of farm ponds :

  1. By digging in farm land.
  2. By channelizing water from natural water stream.

Precautions to be taken while building farm pond:

  • Select the land which have good water absorption capacity.
  • Follow technical criteria while deciding the area of farm pond.
  • Decide farm ponds depth by digging test ponds.
  • Consider the rainfall of area, availability of land, planning of crops while deciding the size of farm pond.
  • Farm pond area should not exceed more than 2.5% of farm land.
  • While building farm pond one should see that soil from farm will not flow in pond.
  • Area where rain water can be available consider as better option for farm pond.

Fulfillment of government documents :

  • Proposal about farm ponds can be submitted to respective block (Taluka) agriculture officer.
  • It is mandatory to get no objection certificate ( NOC) from irrigation department while building farm pond in cannel area.
  • Visit block (Taluka) or district agriculture officer to get more and updated information about subsidy on farm pond.

For more information contact :

Dr. R. S. Jadhav

Krushi Vigyan Kendra,


Phone – 02112-255207

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