‘Go slow’ advisory for sowing,

‘Go slow’ advisory for sowing,
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buttons mar-minAfter pre- monsoon farmers of Maharashtra have geared up for agricultural activities. Even as farmers from drought affected areas of  Maharashtra have geared up for sowing operations. The weather department has issued a ‘go slow’ advisory as the much-awaited monsoon seems to have delayed its arrival in the state.

In some parts of Maharashtra farmers have started sowing advisory has been issued to avoid waste of expensive seeds, particularly of soyabean, cotton and pulses, in parched areas of Marathwada, Vidarbha and Madhya Maharashtra, some of which have, however, received pre-monsoon showers in the last few days. The farmers in the state are advised not to start sowing operations till the IMD officially announces the arrival of monsoon in Maharashtra.

After a long waiting monsoon has reached in Kerala, but now it has got stuck on the borders of Maharashtra. This is a reason behind the appeal of weather department. “”Do not undertake sowing operations till the onset of monsoon which has not yet arrived in the state. It is necessary to have good monsoon rainfall consistently for a few days for the seeds to grow into a good crop,” stated N Chattopadhyay, Deputy Director General Agrimet, IMD.

In last few days there was good raining in Vidarbha region. But this is not monsoon raining. Actual sowing activity should be undertaken only after the onset of monsoon over Maharashtra to ensure that the seeds are not wasted for want of rains.

After its delayed arrival in Kerala, the monsoon is now expected to hit Maharashtra only after June 16.

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