Management of horticultural crops in July

Management of horticultural crops in July
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buttons mar-minMonsoon gets regular by ‘July’. It is very essential to take care of various crops. Lets understand the important aspects about “Management of horticultural crops in July”. In this we will focus on Vegetable crops, Flower crops and Fruit gardens.

Garden Management In Monsoon :
Keep the garden clean (Weed free).
Make sure there wont be water logging in garden.
Remove excess water from garden.
Do weed management.
Remove diseased fruits and flowers and destroy them.
How to take care of Fruit garden ?

bananaDo planting of all fruit crops in time
Give support to fruits and plants wherever required.
Do ‘Mrug bahar’ treatment.
Do plantation of Banana crop.
Purchase plants from certified nursery.
How to take care of Vegetable crops ?

leafy vegetablesDo replanting of Tomato, Brinjal and Chilli crop where required.
While replanting do proper treatment with Anzetobanctor and Phosphorus bacteria solution on roots.
Give required dose of Fertilizers.
Do planting of ‘Methi, Palak, Shepu and Coriander’.
Do harvesting of ‘Summer crops’ for marketing.
How to take care of Floriculture crops?

flowerUse Sonalitara, I. I. H. R selection 4 variety for Chrysanthemum (Shevanti) & do planting as per recommendations.
Select ‘Gladiater’,’Popular’ variety for roses.
In case of seasonal flowers sow seeds for seedlings
Give first dose of ‘Nytrogen’ to Golden Rod (Gulchadi) 70 K.g per hectare and 100 K.g for Chrysanthemum (Shevanti).
For remedies of blight on Tuberose (Nishigandh) & Chrysanthemum (Shevanti) flower spray Mankozeb liquid with 0.2. intensity in every 15 days.
For remedy of blit on Rose flower spray Mankozeb liquid or Tilt with 0.2. intensity in every 8 days.
For remedy of ‘Jarbera’ in green house do spraying of Benomil 0.1% or Mankozeb 0.2% in every 8 days.
While spraying use 10 m.l of sticker in 10 liter of water.

Ref : Agriculture Department Maharashtra – Facebook Page

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