Hybrid Paddy Cultivation – 2

Hybrid Paddy Cultivation – 2

buttons mar-minAt last monsoon has entered in Maharashtra. Every one is happy as its raining. Especially farmers are glad. Now all agriculture activities will be in full swing. Lets quickly understand how to do hybrid paddy cultivation?

Seed Treatment : It is very important to use high quality and high germination rate seeds for plantation. Dip seeds in 3% salted water, remove the floating seeds. Clean the remaining seeds with water for 2-3 times and dry them for 24 hours in sheds. Dust 1 k.g seeds with 2.5 gram Thy rum.

Seeds : For germination of Hybrid Paddy use 15 k.g female seeds and 5 k.g male seeds for 1 hectare land.

Sowing : Sow male seeds 8 days before sowing of female seeds as male seeds take 8 to 10 more days for flowering compare to female seeds. For sowing follow the chart.

Sowing Time

Type of seed

Seeds (k.g)/ Per Hectare

First Day

Male variety


Six Day

Male variety


11th Day

Male variety


18th Day

Female variety


Planting : It is advisable to plant female variety after 25 days. It is essential to do water supply two days before removal of seedling. Plant 6 female varieties and 2 male varieties alternatively in row. Keep at least 30 c.m distance in two rows. Do plantation in opposite direction of wind.

Fertilizer Management : Before plantation give dose of 10 tons of green manure per hectare for 3 weeks. Give dose of 100 k.g Nitrogen, 50 k.g Phosphorous, and 50 k.g Potassium per hectare. Give dose of Nitrogen in three parts. First part of 50 k.g along with full dose of Phosphorous & Potassium at the time of Puddling. Give second dose of Nitrogen of 25 k.g after 25 to 30 days of plantation. Give last reaming dose 25 k.g at the time of flowering. In case of unavailability of green manure give additional dose of 50 k.g Nitrogen per hectare.

Water Management : For first 30 days keep 2-3 c.m of water in field. After that keep 5 c.m of water in field till the time grain gets matured. Give water and drain it in regular intervals. Make sure you will drain the water from field 10 days before harvesting.

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