Hybrid Paddy Cultivation – Part 1

Hybrid Paddy Cultivation – Part 1
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buttons mar-minRice is one of the important crop in India. Paddy cultivation of Rice is usually done in coastal regions in large scale, as the weather is suitable for Paddy cultivation. Cultivation of Hybrid Paddy can be beneficial for farmers. Lets quickly understand the important aspects of Hybrid Paddy cultivation.

Pre cultivation :

For Hybrid Paddy there are same prctices for pre cultivation and nursery management. But in case of seed, 20 k.g of seeds are required per hecatare.

Planting :

For hybrid paddy do space management by keeping 20 X 15 c.m. Distance plant.

Various Hybrid Varieties Created By Kokan Krushi Vidyapith :


Period (Days)

Output (Qui/ He)





Long slim pods, Medium resistivity to leaf streak, slightly aromatic.

Sahyadri 2



Long slim pods, Medium resistivity to leaf streak, non lodging.

Sahyadri 3



Long slim pods, non lodging, non shattering tendency.

Sahyadri 4



Long slim pods, medium resistivity to leaf streak, non lodging

Sahyadri 5



Long slim pods, Medium resistivity to leaf streak, .

Fertilize Management :

Give 50 k.g of Nitrogen , 50 k.g of Phosphorous and 50 k.g of Potassium per hectare. Give 40 % of Nitrogen and full dose of Phospherous and Potassium at the time of plantation. Give second dose of 40% Nitrogen at the time of seedlings. At the time of flowering give the third 20% remaining dose of Nitrogen.

Interculture And Water Management :

Do interculture management and water management as per Paddy crop.

Weed Control Management :

Use weed controller as per guidelines for hybrid Paddy.

Seed Production :

Seed production for Hybrid Paddy is totally different from other Paddy seeds. It is essential to change the Hybrid Paddy seeds every year.

Season :

Compare to Karif you can get more produce of Hybrid Paddy in summer season. For Karif do plantation in June first week and for Rabbi – Summer season December first week is appropriate for plantation.

Distance between plants :

Keep Hybrid Paddy seed production area away from other variety of Paddy.

Nursery Management :

While selecting area make sure that the land needs to be non Paddy cultivated land prior to season. Do ploughing and do land preperation. Make beds of 120 c.m width and 10-15 c.m of hight. As per slope of land decide length of beds. Give dose of half ton of compost to 1000 sq. feet.

Ref : Balasaheb Sawant Kokan Krushi Vidyapith

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