Important Agricultural Work “July”- Oil Seed Crops.

Important Agricultural Work “July”- Oil Seed Crops.
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buttons mar-minIn last article about important agricultural work for month of ‘July’ we covered various aspects about field crops. In this article we are covering important work ‘Oil seed crops’.Oilseed Crops are grown primarily for the oil contained in the seeds.Edible fats and oils are similar in molecular structure; however, fats are solid at room temperature, while oils are liquid. While there are many uses for industrial vegetable oils, total world production is only about 3% of that of edible oils. Industrial applications are based on the properties of particular fatty-acid components of these oils.

Groundnut :


Finish the sowing till 7th July and use recomended varieties. Plan Caster or Sunflower in case if you fail to sow groundnut till 7th July. Give dose of fungicide like Thiram or Bavistin to control any disease which causes due to soil. It is important to do proper seed treatment before sowing.

Sunflower :


Use approximately 10 K.g of seeds for one hectare land and finish the sowing till 15th July. Do seed treatment with fungicide. In one hectare land plan for 80,000 to 1,00,000 trees.

Caster :


Light and medium soil are suitable for Caster farming. Use hybrid & recommended varieties like Girija, Aruna, V.I. 9. For sowing of Girija and V.I. 9 variety use 12-15 K.g seeds per hectare. For sowing of Aruna variety use 20-22 K.g seeds for sowing. Do proper seed treatment before sowing.

Nigerseed :

niger crop

Finish sowing of ‘Nigerseed’ crop before 15th August. Use ‘Sahyadri’ variety as it is recommended. Do horizontal sowing on slope. Do proper seed treatment before sowing. Mix seeds with sand in ration of 1:3 while sowing. Give dose of Nitrogen at the time of sowing.

Ref : Maharashtra Agriculture Department – FB page

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