Important Agricultural Work “July” – Field Crops

Important Agricultural Work “July” – Field Crops
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buttons mar-minIt is very essential to plan the agriculture works. By July monsoon gets active in most regions of Maharashtra. Lets understand important agricultural work  for month of July.

Soybean :


To control insect attack of “Shoot Fly” & “Girdle Beetle”Khod mashi chakri bhungagive dose of granule based foret per hectare by sowing. For “Leaf Curl Cater Piller” spray of 20 m.l Chloropyrifos or 15 m.l of Monocrotofosal with 25 m.l of 5% Lime extract in 10 liter of water after 21 days of sowing. Avoid dose of Nitrogen after 30 days of sowing. For weed control give Emethyper along with water.

Cotton :


Do sowing in south-west direction. Do cultivation of ‘Cowpea’ on the border of farms. Use general varieties of cotton for corner two rows. Do gap filing by sowing seeds wherever required. Control the weed. Do the following dosage at the time of sowing.

For dry land agriculture : Give dose of NPK 20:60:60 per hectare

For irrigated agriculture : Give dose of NPK 30:75:75 per hectare

Give dose of micro nutrients if required.(As per need)

Sugarcane :


Start plantation of sugarcane in July and finish it by 15th August. If possible use presesonal variety for plantation. Before plantation of persesonal variety it is advisible to sow Soybean as rotational crop.

Red millet :


Do horizontal sowing or planting at slope. Do plantation in row( 15x 10 c.m.) Before planting use Anzantobanctor and phosphorus bacteria 25 gram per k.g for seed treatment.

Millet :


Complete sowing work before 15th July. Do seed treatment before sowing. Use chemical fertilizers as required. Give first dose of Nirogen and phosphorus 30 k.g per hectare. After 25 -30 days of sowing give dose of 30 k.g potassium per hectare. Change the dosage as per quality of soil.

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