Important Agriculture Work For Vidarbha For May

Important Agriculture Work For Vidarbha For May
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  • Avoid irrigation through sprinkler for summer sesamum crop in flowering stage.
  • Spray 2% urea to summer green grams(Moong) in flowering stage.
  • Apply second dose of nitrogen to summer sunflower crop 25 to 30 days after sowing.
  • Do proper water management during flowering stage to groundnut crop.
  • Dispatch sample of soil to respected laboratory as early as possible.
  • While taking sample for water testing from open well or bore well, take sample at least after 10 minutes from the time the motor pump is been started.


  • Start harvesting for onions. After harvesting use onion leaves for covering.
  • Store turmeric rhizomes scientifically. Do spraying of Quinolphos & Carbondenzim along with water to turmeric rhizomes & store them ventilated place.
  • Do harvesting of hast bahar lemon fruits, send them to market after grading.
  • Do proper irrigation to orange fruits in mrug bahar.
  • Do proper irrigation to orange fruits in ambia bahar.
  • Apply bordo paste on trunk of trees in summer.
  • Do mulching with farm waste in rings of fruit crops use drip irrigation for water management.

Animal husbandry:

For Poultry Birds·

  • Clean the water vessels regularly used for poultry.
  • Use filter water for birds.
  • Do space management as per size of birds. Approximately 1 sq. feet each bird.
  • Feed birds three to four times in day.
  • In summer avoid feeding to birds in open place, feed birds in cool place.
  • Do not store animal feed in damp and humid place.
  • Do vaccination program in appropriate time.
  • Remove dead birds immediately and distract by burning.

Ref : Akola KVK.


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