Important aspects of farm techniques for “MAY”

Important aspects of farm techniques for “MAY”
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Important aspects of farm techniques for “MAY”

All farming activities are in full swing as “Karif” is coming. Farmers of Maharashtra are very optimistic about “Kharif” as there is forecast of appropriate rain during this monsoon. Know important aspects of farm techniques to be followed in the month of May.

Land preparation:

It is very important to do land preparation before “Kharif” as it is part of systematic planning. Doing land preparation just before monsoon can cause to increase in insect and ultimately it can cause virus attack. Whereas if you do cultural practices such as ploughing, harrowing in the month of May that expose the pupae, larvae of insects. Birds eat these and it gets destroy naturally.


  • Planning is very important for any work.
  • May is perfect period for cultivation of irrigated cotton fields. For cultivation it is advisable to use university recommended seeds or hybrid seeds.
  • Make sure that seeds, fertilizers and pesticide should be available during “Kharif”.

Fruit plantation :

  • For cultivation in fruit orchard do the layout as per the type of orchard. Dig a pit 3X3X3 feet and allow them to consume heat in sunlight.
  • Apply fertilizer in split dosage. Once April pruning is done apply 200 kg nitrogen, 100 kg phosphorous and 110 kg potassium per hectare along with compost/ manure.

Various crops:

  • For cultivation of turmeric select Rajapuri, Krushna, Kadappa, Selam variety.
  • For cultivation of ginger select Mahim or Aurangabadi variety.
  • Give split dosage of 40 kg nitrogen to irrigated summer cotton in western Maharashtra region.

Arrangement of agri equipment:

  • Do the maintenance of all available agri equipment which are essential for “Kharif”.


  • Distribute available water to all summer crops.
  • Build farm pond or do rain water harvesting.
  • Do proper water management.

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