Monsoon Update – Monsoon To Reach Maharashtra

Monsoon Update – Monsoon To Reach Maharashtra
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buttons mar-minAfter facing drought for two years in row, good prediction about monsoon has boost the moral of farmers not only from Maharashtra but all over India. Now the most awaited monsoon has reached to India. It has given his first visit to Kerala. Monsoon is expected to reach Maharashtra within 3-4 days.

After its visit to Kerala monsoon has got active in Tamilnadu and Southern Karnataka also. Before that monsoon has captured Maldives, Komorin, South Bengal coast and mid coast of Bengal as well this update is given by The Indian Meteorological Department.

Pune weather departments Director – Sunita Devi said that “ Weather and other aspects as well are very positive for monsoon to get active rapidly in South India, after its presence in Kerala. It will reach to Maharashtra soon but monsoon will take some more time to reach Vidarbha region. As monsoons further movement is totally depend on climatic conditions. “

Kerala Meteorological Department observing and registering all & every single minute developments about monsoon. If there is more than 2.5 millimeter raining within 24 hours in any state then monsoon presence gets confirmed. Apart from this the

Keeping in mind suitable cliamatic conditions monsoon is likely to get active in all parts of Keral, Tamilnadu, and in some parts of Andhara Pradesh within 48 hours. Over all there are favourable conditions for monsoon now. So now monsoon is suppose to visit south Maharashtra in 3-4 days.

Meanwhile pre-monsoon shower is reported in some parts of Kolhapur, Mahabaleshwar and in some parts of Kokan.

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