Paddy Cultivation

Paddy Cultivation

buttons mar-minPaddy is second important crop in Maharashtra followed by Jowar. In Maharashtra there are four major zones for Paddy cultivation. There are almost 16 district where Paddy cultivation is done. Lets understand the important aspects in Paddy cultivation.

Pre cultivation:

After harvesting do cross ploughing. After rain do another ploughing, while doing second ploughing mix 7.5 ton of compost per hactare in soil. At the time of Puddling mix 5.0 tons of green manure, this can save 50 % of Nytrogen fertilizer.

Nursery Management :

With ploughing do land preperation and mix 10 tons of compost per hectare in land. Keeping in mind the slope of land prepare appropriate beds. Give dose of 1 k. g Urea and 3 k.g of Single Super Phosphet to each bed. Apply 2.5 gram of Thyrum fungicide on 1 k.g of seeds. Sow seeds in 7-8 c.m distance and 2.5 c.m deep, cover it with soil. After 15 days of sowing give second dose of 1k.g Urea per bed.

Transplanting :

In Kharif seedlings with hight of 12 to 15 c.m, which are usually 20 to 27 days old can be used for planting. In Rabbin season 35 to 40 days old seedlings are used for planting. By using SIR method 15 days seedlings can be used in farms with low water cosnsistancy. This helps in speedy Re Planting and large volume production. Before seedling harvesting it is advisible to give water before two days. Before doing Paddy replantation it is essential to do Puddling. After Puddling level the surface with wooden plank. This helps in water circulation in farm. Keeping in mind structure of soil do planting with 15 X15 c.m distance or 20X20 c.m approximately. Do straight planting it helps in development of plant.


Ref : Kokan krushi vidyapith

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