Pineapple Cultivation

Pineapple Cultivation
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buttons mar-minPineapple is suitable for cultivation in humid tropics. The fruit grows well near the sea coast as well as in the interior; so long the temperatures are not extreme. High temperature at night is deleterious for the growth of the plant and a difference of at least 40C between day and night temperature is desirable. The rainfall requirement ranges between 100-150 cm. Pineapple cultivation can be done in high rainfall and humid coastal regions in the peninsular India and hilly areas of north-eastern region of the country. It can also be grown commercially in the interior plains with medium rainfall and supplementary irrigation’s.

Land Preparation :

Sandy loam soils is ideal for the growth of the plants.The land is prepared for planting by ploughing or digging followed by leveling. Depending on the nature of land, trenches of convenient length, about 90 cm. width and 15-30 cm. depth are prepared.

Planting season :

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The ideal time of planting is 12-15 months before the peak flowering season under natural conditions, which varies from December to March in different regions. In Assam, planting should be done during August-October, while in Kerala and Karnataka; the best time of planting is April-June. Planting is usually avoided during the period of heavy rains.

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The ideal time for planting in northern part of West Bengal is October-November and June-July for other parts. Delaying in planting as late as September, delays crop at least by 7-9 months. The peak flowering period is from January to March.

Planting Method :

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Planting can be done by trenching method. For this prepare trench of 3 – 4 meters. Keep distance of 90 c.m in two trenches. Distance between two rows of trenches should be 60 c.m. Keep 15 c.m gap between two plants.

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Pineapple can be cultivated by using Suckers, Slip & Crown. By cultivating through sucker the fruit development takes 18 – 22 months. By using Slip or Crown the fruit development takes at least 22 – 24 months.

Varieties Cultivated :

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Popular varieties of Pineapple in India are Kew, Queen, Mauritius & Giant Kew.

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