How to protect Banana garden in summer.

How to protect Banana garden in summer.
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In summer the temperature gets high. Currently with hot temperature there is cloudy weather, In Maharashtra rain has occurred in many parts but still the temperature is rising. This atmospheric condition is impacting on crops. To control this proper management is required. Let’s understand how to protect Banana gardens in this weather.

Water management:

Maharashtra is facing drought like situation. Many villages in Maharashtra are drought affected. Keeping in mind the scarcity of water use of drip irrigation for Banana crop can be very effective in this situation. With drip irrigation 25 to 30% water can be saved, also it results to growth in yield by 10 to 15%. Giving water in two intervals that is in early morning and in evening can give good results.

Land covering (Organic Mulching):

Bananna Mulch

To reduce evaporation of water and use minimum water it is essential to cover field of Banana garden. By using soybeans husk, Sugarcane trash or dry leaves of Banana. This will definitely save water and helps in weed control. Which ultimately reduce inter cultivation cost. This process is called as mulching.

Protection of garden from hot air: (Skirting)

In summer the temperature gets high which causes the rise in temperature of Banana garden as well. In result the leaf gets tore, which ultimately results to loss.

Banana Leaf

By growing ‘Gajraj’ fodder or Shevari you can stop direct entrance of hot air in garden. This generates humidity in garden which results to decrease in temperature. It is one kind of skirting with natural resources.

Banana Skirting

Care of Banana bunch:

Due to disparity of water and summers hot air, Banana bunches gets detached from stem.

Bunch Side Emergence

Even black spots can noticed on stems near bunch due to this the stem breaks down. To control this it is important to cover bunch with Banana leaf. Use of shed net with 80-90% shade can help in controlling this problem.


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