Various Aspects Of Garlic Cultivation.

Various Aspects Of Garlic Cultivation.
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Garlic is an important ingredient in cooking. Garlic ads taste in different cuisines. In Maharashtra major belts for Garlic are Nashik, Pune and Thane. Almost 5000 hectare area in Maharashtra is under Garlic cultivation.

Weather and Land :

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Subtropical weather is suitable for Garlic cultivation. But access heat or access cold weather doesn’t suit to this crop. Temperature between 25 to 28 degree centi grate in day and 10 to 15 degree centi grate in night is suitable for garlic seedlings.

Weed free land with mid deepen sand consist soil with mixture of organic manure is suitable for this crop.

Pre cultivation:

With mid dig ploughing do land preparation. While doing land preparation use 15 ton compost per hectare. Preparing bed approximately of 3×2 meters or 3.5 x2 meters is convenient in water management.

Varieties and Cultivation:


In Maharashtra various varieties are in use like Jamanagar which is white in colour, Godavari and Shweta are most popular varieties.

Garlic round is a bunch of cloves. To separate cloves usually garlic round is crushed with legs and then cleaned, its a traditional way. For cultivation use clean and big size garlic cloves.


At time of cultivation give dose of 50 k.g Urea, 300 k.g Super phosphate and 100 k.g Myuret of potash per hectare. It helps in faster growth of crop.

Inter cultivation:

Garlic Round

Remove grass with weeding within one month of sowing garlic cloves. Continue this process 1-2 times if weeds are visible. Usually in two and half months garlic rounds get develop. While this free the soil which will help for the development of garlic rounds.

Water management:


After sowing give first water cycle slowly. Give second water cycle in 3-4 days and next cycle with 8-12 days as per weather. Give water before two days of harvesting.

Pest and Diseases:

Sucking pest:

It sucks nutrients from leafs and damage them. For spraying use Cyper Methrine 25% ec 5 ml in 10 liter of water.

Blight and Powdery Mild view:

Due to this pest the leaf gets orange and white. Which ultimately results in death of plant. For this use copper based fungicide.


Garlic Harvest2

Within 5 months from sowing the crop gets ready for harvesting.

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