Weed Management

Weed Management
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While doing farming it is important to keep weeds in control. Earlier stage of crop is very important from the point of weed management. Now a days it is tough to get labor for agricultural work. That is the real worry for farmer to finish various important agricultural activities in time. This is the reason why one should know the important aspects of Weed Management.

Weed control management can be done in two ways.

1) Preventive measures, 2) Preventable measures

  1. Reducing the germination of weeds in fields comes under ‘Preventive measures’. Following care should be taken to control weeds growth.

  2. Use weed free variety of seeds.

  3. Make sure there should not be weed growth near water ditches, farm dams & other areas. If weed is seen, remove it before flowering.

  4. Use high quality compost.

  5. Before sowing remove weeds properly.

  6. Keep field area clean.

  7. If possible use do inter cropping method.

Preventable measures


  • Crop planning methods : It is essential to complete pre cultivation work in proper time & proper manner. Do proper fertilizer management, water management etc. Do space management for plants, Control pests and disease in scientific way.weed-6

  • Mechanical method : Human and machines are use for weed control. Various methods such as weeding, removal of weeds with hands or equipment’s. Burning the weed with fire etc.


  • Biological method : Various insects, bacteria, fungus or plants can be use to control weed under Biological method. By cultivating Tarota, Styalo Hemata vareity we can control the growth of weed in natural way.

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  • Chemical method : In this method several chemical herbicides or other chemicals are used to control weeds effectively.


Care to be taken while using herbicides

  1. Use recommended herbicides for various crops in prescribed manner.

  2. While purchasing see the expiry date of herbicide,do not use expired herbicide.

  3. Use separate knapsack pump for spraying.

  4. Make sure there should not be moist in soil while spraying, soil should be properly aerated.

  5. Avoid spraying in windy conditions. Make sure weather is clean and there will be adequate

          sunlight for 2-3 hours.

  1. While spraying herbicide on land a person who is spraying should go backwards as this way he can avoid walking on sprayed land.

  2. After spraying herbicide like ‘Glyphosate’ tillage should be avoided for next 21 days.

  3. Keep same pressure while spraying and use flat fan or flood jet nozzle for spraying.

  4. While spraying in standing crop make sure spray should not reach to that particular crop or other crop. To avoid this use hood while spraying.

  5. Avoid excess use of herbicides, give regular dose of compost to treated land every year.

Ref : Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krushi Vidyapith , Pune.

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